This website has been created to complement my “Photographer in Residence” program and to allow you to reflect on the discussion and the learning that took place in our class or individual session.

It is designed to enhance your learning. Photography, like any learning, is best undertaken in the doing. In other words, if you want to learn to be a photographer, then create considered images – lots of them.

Throughout this site, you  will find ideas and links to enhance your learnings.

I will continue to add ideas and resources. I also welcome your own ideas that you think should be added to enhance this website.

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All the photographs on this site were taken by me over the course of two decades. You may freely use this website respecting that the photographs are my own creation and subject to copyright. If you wish to use the images please contact me. If you wish to engage my teaching and other photographic services or require permission to use my images I can be contacted by clicking here.

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Michael Campbell

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