Teacher’s Note

These activities and projects are designed to reinforce the the topics covered in our photography lessons. They should be modified to suit your students’ learning needs. I will add more resources overtime.

You may find the useful words link to develop some spelling activities.

School Activities

  1. Playing with light
  2. Playing with Light 2
  3. Primary and Secondary Colours
  4. Colour Spinners (Painting and craft activity)
  5. Rule of Thirds
  6. Using Frames
  7. Lines Activity

School Projects

These projects are designed for a middle school or upper primary class that has buddied with a JP class. In these projects the older students will create some learning resources for their younger buddy.

  1. Project Emotion
  2. Project Alphabet Sounds

Outside the School Activities

  1. Photographing your Pets
  2. How to make your own Camera Obscura (Requires Parental permission)