Useful Words

The adjustable opening—or f-stop—of a lens determines how much light passes through the lens on its way camera’s imaging sensor.

A device that allows you to transfer data directly from a camera’s removable memory card to the computer, without needing to connect the camera to the computer

A device with a shutter and lens that produces photographs by recording images on a light-sensitive  plate. There are a variety of digital cameras. Compact point and shoot as well as a digital single-lens reflex camera. (DSLR). Many phone also have image creating functions.

A device with a shutter and lens that produces photographs by recording images on a light-sensitive film. The film must be developed using a dark room and special chemicals.

A megapixel contains 1,000,000 pixels and is the unit of measure used to describe the size of the sensor in a digital camera.

In digital photography, a memory card is a removable device used in digital cameras to store the image data captured by the camera. There are several different types of memory cards available including CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD/SDHC/SDXC, XD, and others.

A picture created by using a camera that records an image on a light-sensitive sensor.

Red-eye is the term used to describe the reddened pupils of a subject’s eyes that sometimes occurs when photographing people or pets with an electronic flash. The reason red-eye is most common with compact digital cameras is because the flas is often close to the lens, thereby causing light to enter a subject’s pupil head-on.

A method of reducing or eliminating red-eye from flash photographs by using a short burst of light, or pre-flash.  Some cameras have a built-in pre-flash (the camera used in our classes has this feature) that fires several times to coax the pupils into contracting, before making the final flash and image capture. Red-eye can also be eliminated by using software applications.

An opening, often adjustable, that controls the amount of light reaching the sensor on a camera. Depending on the camera and its settings apertures can be set automatically or controlled by the photographer.

A device that opens and closes the lens of a camera. It will open and close at direct speeds determined either by the camera automatically or by the photographer.

A setting on the camera  that determines how long the image will be taken after pressing the shutter button. Usually the intervals are set at 2, 5 or 10 seconds. Some cameras have a bulb setting that keeps the shutter open until you close it.

An adjustable three-legged stand or support for a camera, You can also use a monopod which is a single legged adjustable stand. A gorilla pods is a small tripod with very flexible legs that you could wrap around an object to support your camera.

A piece of molded or ground see through material such as glass, whose surfaces are curved so as to cause the  light passing through it to centre on the camera’s sensor.

An adjustment in the cameras  to create more distinct image. Many cameras have an auto focus function however, manual focus will give you greater flexibility.

A photographer’s specially equipped room where the photographer has control of the subject and the light.

A surface that throws back  light.

Teacher’s Note

These words can all be related to photography. You could use these to develop spelling and language activities. Many of these words have been used in our lessons. Some could be used as an extension activity.

A) Ablaze, Abstract, Activity, Adhere, Admiration, Aerial, Aesthetic, Agency, Amateur, Ansel Adams, Appealing, Application, Apprentice, Arrangement, Array, Artistic, Associate, Attitude, Awe-inspiring, Awesome

B) Background, Beauty, Behold, Black, Black and white, Blank, Bokeh

C) Camera, Canvas, Capability, Caption, Capture, Career, Casual, Centre, Chemical, Children, Chromogenic, Clarity, Classify, Close up, Collage, Colour, Compose, Composite, Concrete, Conditions, Connection, Consistent, Constant, Contact print, Contact sheet, Contrast, Control, Convey, Creative

D) Daguerrotype, Darkness, Darkroom, Definition, Depiction, Develop, Deviate, Diffuse, Digital, Display, Documentation, Dominate, Dramatic, Drawing

E) Ease, Edge, Edit, Education, Elude, Emphasis, Emulsion, Engraving, Enlargement, Envision, Essence, Ethics, Evoke, Exhibition, Experience, Expose, Exposure

F) Fade, Fashion, Feature, Feeling, Fees, Film, Filmy, Fix, Flattering, Focal, Focus, Foreground, Format, Frame

G) Glossy, Grainy, Grandeur, Graphic, Grid

H) Half-tone, Hand-held, Hidden, Hide, Highlight, Hobby, Hologram, Hover

I) Icon, Ignite, Illusion, Illustrious, Image, Imitate, Inchoate, Influence, Infrared, Informal, Inspiring, Instant, Interesting, Item

J) Joy, Judge, Just right, Justice, Juxtapose

K) Keen, Key, Kodak

L) Landscape, Laser-produced, Legal, Lens, Lighting, Limited, Literal, Location, Luminescence, Lustre

M) Magnification, Mannerism, Mat, Matte, Media, Memento, Mixed, Monochrome, Montage, Mosaic, Motif, Mounting, Mug shot, Mutual

N) Naked-eye, Natural, Necessary, Notable, Notorious

O) Object, Objective, Obscure, Observation, Obsession, Option, Outline, Overlap, Overt

P) Pattern, Perception, Perspective, Pets, Photograph, Photography, Pictorial, Picture, Picturesque, Pin up, Polaroid, Portrait, Predominate, Primary, Print, Pristine, Process, Professional, Prototype,  Publicity

Q) Quality, Quantity, Quest, Quirk

R) Radiate, Range, Refine, Reflection, Regulate, Renown, Reproduction, Reputation,  Retouch, Rhythm, Rotate, Rules

S) Scenery, Scenic, Scheme, Screen, Secondary,  Sense, Sensitivity, Sepia, Setting, Shadow, Shots, Shutter, Significant, Signify, Sitting, Size, Slant, Slide, Soft, Speed, Spot, Spot bath, Stance, Still, Structure, Study, Subject, Subjective, Submit, Sunlight, Supreme

T) Talent, Technical, Texture, Theme, Three-dimensional, Timer, Training, Transparency, Transparent, Tripod, Type, Typical

U) Ultimate, Unflattering, Unique

V) Value, Vantage, Variety, Vary, Vibrant, View, Vignette, Visual, Vivid

W) Warmth, Well known, Whimsical, Wildlife, Wisdom, Work

X)  X-Ray

Y) Yield, Youthful

Z) Zeal