Why this site?

infographicAccording to KPCB analyst Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report states that all internet-connected citizens share over 1.8 billion photos each day.  According to the International Business Times (2015). This begs the question why so many selfies? Why so many images? In part the answer to this is the image capturing capacity of mobile phones and digital cameras. The sharing capacity of social media has also influenced the number and type of images we see everyday.

As the title of this website “Photography – Beyond the Selfie” implies there is certainly more to photography than the selfie. If fact I believe that the selfie for its own sake is problematic. For a broader discussion on the question click here.

Click here to see an Infographic showing the trends in images taken overtime.

If there are so many images taken each day it could be argued that everything that needs to be photographed has already be “captured”. I would contend that this is not the case as photography is an art. As an art form it is about interpreting what you see in the view finder or on the screen before taking the decision to click the shutter. How we interpret our what we see in front of us depends how we actually understand photography and our own creativity.

This site suggests that if you want to be an effective photographer  you need to take lots of considered images. That is you should take care, consider the light, the shade, the colours, the patterns, angles and lines etc before clicking the shutter. I hope that the information and resources will allow you to become a more considered and effective photographer.